Why I made the Golf Stroke Counter Bracelet

Why I made the Golf Stroke Counter Bracelet

 Our Company simplifies and popularizes golf for women, specifically "The Plus One Golfers”, through our high quality and fashionable products.

Every golfer has a “Plus One” , they are the wives, mothers and girlfriends or serious golfers or ones who spend a lot of time golfing. These women usually are already “placed”, meaning, they spend a lot of time around the golf courses, country clubs, golf resorts. They have the resources, love to shop and usually have spare time to shop while waiting for their kids, for tournament to end, before dinner etc.


They have been slightly overlooked by the golf industry and pro shops, but are a huge opportunity to please.


Our mission is to empower and support these women, who are looking to learn golf or golf for fun, by providing tools and high-quality products that enhance their experience while golfing or getting into the game of golf. 


For Fun Golfers Only!


Our First Product is the Golf Stroke Counter Bracelet, that is stylish, discreet, and comfortable. It makes keeping score easy and seamless. And FUN golfers are usually socializing and not as focused on their game, but still need to keep score, if not for themselves, than to keep pace of game. And that is why the bracelet stops at 10 beads, that indicates, that it is time to pick up the ball. 


It is a perfect grab and go item for a pro shops, golf resorts or any higher end golf related retail.


It is a proven and loved tool for any FUN golfer who has ever tried it, but it makes a “no brainer” present for husband to bring home from a round that took too long or a golf trip (as it can be easily slipped in a carry on luggage).


I made this product for myself as I needed something other than what was available on the market at the time, especially while in the sand and on the green. Immediately I was approached by multiple women who wanted one. Not only for themselves, but for their kids, friends, siblings, golf partners and even corporate gifts. 


I have been testing out and improving the bracelet since I first made it and just now, when my kids both are at school full time, I started to focus on building the community and the brand.


We launched succesfully at the PGA show in January 2024, in Booth 5990 and looking forward to creating many other products that serve the FUN and FASHIONABLE “Plus One Golfer Community”


Katre Klow

Founder & CEO

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