About the Founder: "From Country to Country Club"

About the Founder: "From Country to Country Club"

Meet Katre Klow, the Founder of The Klow Golf Company, whose inspiring journey could appropriately be titled "From Country to Country Club." Katre grew up in the former Soviet Union countryside, specifically Estonia, a region often referred to as the Silicon Valley of Europe. Following high school, she moved to America.

Fast-forward to her early twenties, newly married, in Birmingham, MI, where she resides to this day. Driven by her husband's love for golf, they joined a local country club. Despite lacking any prior golf experience and not being particularly athletic, Katre decided to pick up golf. 

Surrounded by older and more experienced women, especially those well-versed in golf at the club, Katre embraced the challenge of learning the sport. Over the years, she worked her way around the golf course, adapting to both the intricacies of the game and the refined lifestyle of the country club. Now, almost two decades later, Katre may not identify as a serious golfer, but she is confident on any golf course worldwide.

Katre's entry into golf wasn't about achieving professional status; rather, it was a heartfelt initiative to spend quality time with her husband and friends. Now, with two kids, the joy of golfing has become a cherished family activity, with plans to continue this tradition for years, both locally and during travels.

Embracing of the country club culture, Katre derives immense pleasure from engaging with golf fashion and accessories. Not fitting the mold of a "serious golfer," Katre naturally became a magnet for women seeking fashion and getting into golf tips. It's this approachability that led to the creation of the company's resonant slogan, "For FUN Golfers ONLY."

In her interactions, Katre discovered a common thread – women who didn't grow up with golf often feel intimidated and overwhelmed about playing, learning, or even getting started. It has become her mission to ease this apprehension and provide guidance to those venturing into the world of golf.

Katre Klow's story isn't just about golf; it's a narrative of breaking barriers, fostering inclusivity, and finding joy in the journey. For those seeking a lighthearted and welcoming golfing community, The Klow Golf Company, under Katre's leadership, stands as a beacon of fun and camaraderie. #forfungolfersonly

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