Do NOT make these mistakes when buying golf clothes

Do NOT make these mistakes when buying golf clothes

Buying just one piece of a matching set. 

We often find a piece that talks to us or draws us in because we like the pattern or color; it reminds us of our childhood, etc. If it has a unique pattern or color that is not common or does not go with everything, it is very dangerous to buy. We often buy the item because they need our size or are sold out of the collection. It might even be on sale for that reason.

Do NOT fall for this trap. What ends up happening 95% of the time is that we have good intentions of finding the other piece, matching it with different clothes we have already purchased in our closet, or hoping to find a matching or appropriate item sometime down the line.

This piece of valuable and beautiful golf clothing will end up taking up space in our closet for years. It might even make a move from one home to another until we finally decide to give it away or toss it with its tags still on.

Solution: DO NOT do it, do not buy it…or before you buy, find the "match" and order it simultaneously… if possible, buy the whole set often next season; the look will be different, and you will have a hard time tracking down anything that looks good with this treasure.

Not trying on the clothes at the store or pro shop, relying on the previous season, or sizing from a different brand.

We like to think we always fit in XS, or we decide in our heads whatever size it is. But the truth is, we DO NOT. And it is not even due to size fluctuation. Every brand's sizing and fit are different, even from season to season. Even though the brands try to keep this consistent, sometimes they learn that the sizing is inaccurate, so they get a different supplier, use a different fabric for the same style, or adjust the pattern slightly. This all affects how the garment fits us. 

Unless you are buying the same item from the exact same patch, you are best off trying it on. 

Who has time to return? Consider this: the longer you keep an item at home and do not return it on time, the more you are damaging the business from which you purchased the item. The less time they have to keep it part of the collection and find the right buyer for it, the more likely this item ends up on the sales rack. It especially matters for local businesses and smaller pro shops. So, be considerate.  

There is also a good chance it will end up sitting in your closet, and you hope, one day, it will fit better, it won't.

Solution: Always try before you buy. If you do not feel like taking time for it, do not buy it.

Not having direction, or having decided on your golf style.

Just shopping without direction, sure is fun, but it fills up your closet with a bunch of useless stuff that you will never wear

Solution: Have a base and thought for your golf collection. I will talk about this further in the future. But pick your favorite colors and stick to them is the basics of this theory.

Being peer pressured while buying or buying what everyone else does.

A lot of times when we go shopping, we might have a friend with us who can cloud our judgment. It can also be helpful, but if you are unsure about it, be STRONG and say NO.

This can also happen if you are golfing with bunch of ladies, or on a golf trip, everyone has to have a matching this and that. It is fine and can be so fun, but if it is not you, do not get stuck with it in your closet. Let it go right away.

Solution: Just listen to yourself and how you feel; if you do not feel great about it or feel confident, sure, you can stimulate the economy, but you will be stuck with something you do not need and wish you said no to. Or donate it as soon as you get home.

Not considering shoes and golf accessories. 

I always believe before you get into fun golf outfits, you need to have the basics. If you do not have basic white golf shoes, you cannot really go rogue and buy whatever you want. Your shoes need to match your new outfits. 

If you have shoes that look specific, you need to match the clothes with them.

Solution: First, buy neutral shoes…or coordinate.

Not avoiding the Sales Rack.

I do not like sales racks, because they are often filled with clothes no one else wants, do not fit right, have defects, are out of style or have makeup on them. Why you should avoid them is because they are often filled with items you cannot match with anything you already have. Sure, you get it on sale, but you are better off saving that money and buying the more expensive, higher quality item later that does not crowd your closet, and you actually wear. 

SOLUTION: Sure, you get it on sale, but you are better off saving that money and buying the more expensive, higher quality item later that does not crowd your closet and you actually wear.

Not knowing the rules/guidelines for the place of golf.

If you follow Instagram golf influencers, depending on who, you might think that yoga pants and bra tops are acceptable for golf. They are not; even the more professional accounts do not often wear country club-approved clothing. You might think it is super dorky what ladies can wear at the country club, but that is no longer the case. 

With all the new extraordinary ladies' brands coming out, there is no excuse for anyone to look frumpy on the golf course. 

One can get asked to leave a golf course, especially at the country club, if not appropriately dressed, and it is not something to be proud of.

Solution: Read the rules before you go golf at a particular place, but even more, before you even buy the golf clothes that end up not fitting the bill.

Buying the basic and well known brands only.

We might think it is a safe choice, and sometimes it can be, but you are limiting yourself from the fun world of golf fashion, which is evolving more than ever. There are so many up-and-coming golf brands that make very high-quality and flattering clothing. 

Even if it is more expensive, there are many benefits (this is a whole other article). Often, they are more thought out, go through more rigorous quality control, are not as mass-produced, use higher quality materials, have more fun details, and make you look less basic, truth.

Solution: If you look, you find, give new brands a chance.

Go look at your golf clothes and count which one of your clothes fits the points above; I bet there are many of them. Pull them out of your closet TODAY, donate them, or sell them on Poshmark, eBay, etc., or even better, if you know someone with a similar taste and good style but a different body type than you. 

Go go shop, girl, and be thoughtful about it!

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